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 İmagine an experimental kit...

Critical Thinking

Scientific thought develops through questioning, and the need for questioning arises from curiosity. An individual who scrutinizes, discusses, and tries to present an alternative to the information presented to her/him can be seen as open to many scientific developments. Technikit experiment kits are designed to develop this questioning skill and always make students ask the question that "There must be another way".

STEM Compatibility

The achievement level of today's world is a harmony of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. When we look at the societies that have led this development, it is seen that they build their education systems on these 4 basis. The designers of Technikit also took this approach as their starting point. They came up with a product design for the best application of STEM and the next generation STEAM (A=Art) methodology.

Creative Thinking

It is an important skill to produce a different and innovative solution by evaluating the problem from a different perspective than other ones, who evaluate it with similar point of view. Another contribution of Technikit experimental kit is to reveal this ability in individuals in an innovative way. Its innovative aspect comes from its integrated and modular design approach.

Experiment Sheets

The Technikit team has prepared experimental sheets believing that, additional work should be done in order to implement the unlimited configuration possibilities efficiently in a limited class hour. The student version of these experiment sheets, which are prepared separately for teachers and students, has been narrowed to push the students to reach their own solutions, while the teacher version has been expanded to include tips to use the class time efficiently.
For more information about the sheets, you can contact our marketing team.

Future Problem Solving

In today's world, where interdisciplinary studies have gained great importance, individuals now have to look for a solution to a part of the interrelated problem chain, while observing the relationship of the solution they produce with other problems. Thanks to its modular structure, Technikit experiment kit allows individuals to create their own set of solutions, to the current problem.

Science Activities

Technikit designers are specialized in mechatronics. With their social responsibility awareness, they are happy to help schools with scientific activities such as TÜBİTAK science competitions and science trips, as well as special projects if they have any. The Technikit team is also involved in projects related with science museums in Türkiye. In addition, the creators of Technikit aimed to organize various science competitions throughout the country and the world, with the spread of the experimental setups they designed.

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