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Moment - Equilibrium (Lever)


It helps to understand concepts such as lever, equilibrium, moment, force arm, and fulcrum. It shows that a rod can be balanced centrifugally as well as centrally.

There are various weights, including, 25 gr., 50 gr., 100 gr., 250 gr. and 750 gr. and these weights can be used with the whole kit. In addition, by adding these weights randomly to each other, desired weight combinations can be made.

Thanks to the precise manufacturng, it offers the chance to observe even the smallest weight differences. Thus, it provides a clear understanding of the Force - Distance relationship.

It provides space advantage as it uses the same base and weights with other system elements. It can be used integrated with other system elements.

Pulleys - Rods

It helps to understand concepts such as pulley, load balance and weight perceptions. Cartesian plane can be created in the desired combination by means of bars of different lengths and multi-hole base plate. Creative set ups can be made on these planes, by the help of rich varieties and number of pulleys

Thanks to Technikit pulley algorithm, students have the chance to observe the differences between fixed pulley and movable pulley detailly. Students can give pulley a mission to be either fixed or movable, as to her/his desire. 

It offers an accurate and easy use due to the special rope that can easily be bent but that does not stretch under load.

Inclined Plane

It helps to understand concepts such as Load, friction, reaction force, combination of forces. Adjustable angular setting between 0-90 degrees, let users observe the conditions in different angles.

It is specially designed half-mounted, in order to let students develop their motor abilities. Thus, students can easily assemble.  

There's a special design hand wheel, which is also modular, can be mounted on the edge of inclined plane base with different combinations. The low friction bearings used in this hand wheel disable friction loss when balancing the counter load. As well as other components, this hand-wheel can also be used for other system elements.

Hand wheel can be used either freely rotating or by counter weight balance, as well as can be fixed in the desired position.

The kit includes 5 different friction surfaces as, polished and un-polished wood, plexiglass, soft and tough rubber. Surfaces are seconds away interchangable.

Gear & Belt Pulley

It helps in understanding the concepts such as pinion gear, gear, gear ratio, direction of rotation, belt, belt pulley. By the help of the gears and belt pulleys,  found in the kit, users can make combinations with 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 ratios, both in reverse and/or identical directions.

The center between the axis of the gear plate is specially designed so that, 3 gears can be mounted at the same time showing both rotation changes and autoblockage.

The handwheel in the set, can easily be attached to different shafts. Thus, changes in directions and loads can easily be shown.

A special designed scaled pulley, can be mounted on both the gears and belt pulleys, in order to observe the rotation amount on each axis, and to be able to lift weights. By using this specially scaled pulleys, users can see the relation between the length of the rope and gear/belt pulley diameter.


Help to understand the concepts such as Elasticity, Hooke's Principle, spring coefficient. 

Consist of 3 different spring coefficients such as X, 2X, 3X. 

Thanks to its modular design, can be easily interacted with other components of the tool library. Springs can be mounted as serial and/or parallel to each other.


Bilim seti, okul araç ve gereçleri, fizik deney seti, turkish didac, mekanik deney seti.

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